27 June 2008

Sitting On A Park Bench

GBXchuck is recreating Hoboken for FAS. GBXchuck created the original ps_hoboken and ps_hoboken2. In his recreation of this classic thrid party map, GBXchuck is recreating the theme and layout. The map will be transition from a city to an industrial park as a different aesthetic from your traditional urban maps and will play to GBXchuck's strengths of mapping industrial areas.

The current layout of the entire map is currently unknown. GBXchuck states that in earlier versions, he felt the players were boxed in, so is going for a more open feel to hoboken this time around with a combination of indoor and outdoor areas. The attention to detail put into it and quality so far are impressive. The map combines open areas with narrow alleys, seeming to allow various styles of play. It is still early, but the lighting is pretty good. This new ps_hoboken is darker, so should make good use of night vision goggles. Perhaps this can be the FAS version ps_nightstalkers, but playable!

Don't worry if the screen shots look barren, cover and more detailed items will be added in once the layout is solid. Check out his thread in the FAS Mapping Forum for more info and full sized screen shots.

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