23 July 2010


In case you didn't notice, FAS has been released.

You can download FAS here.

If you are going to set up a server, BE SURE TO GET THE PATCHES.

22 July 2010

Halflife2.net FAS Review

Another FAS review is out, this time on Halflife2.net.

Again, the game is awesome.

PHL: FAS Review

Planet Half Life has put up their review of Firearms: Source 1.0.

The actual review talks a lot about what makes FAS a great game, but instead of chopping up their review, I'll summarize it in one sentence: FAS is awesome!

FAS Team and Tester Blogs

With the recent update to the FAS Forums, the developers and testers are able to make blog post. Such post replace the previous developers and tester forums, allowing the team and testers to show off new media, talk about the development or testing of FAS, as well as ask questions to the community, such as which weapons should be included with FAS 1.1.

Be sure to check them out here.

Videos, Videos Everywhere!

With FAS nearing release, more videos have been made by the FAS Team, Testers, and those who took part of the press preview event.

FAS Trailer, FAS Team

AK-47 on SD_Mine and TC_Iwojima

ModPlay FAS Press Preview Playthrough

Interviews, Interviews Everywhere!

The FAS Team has made the rounds to various game blogs and sites, doing interviews about the development of the mod as well as answering questions about it.

Podcast#17, Episode 92

GCP, Episode 95

PHL Interview

18 July 2010

Cost of War

The following are the new credit cost of times, taken from FAS's livestream.


Machete: 6
Bandages: 3
Night Vision Goggles: 3


M79: 46
Claymore: 13
Frag Grenade: 6
Smoke Grenade: 6
Flashbang: 6


OTS33: 17
Desert Eagle: 13
Glock 20: 10
92FS: 10
M1911: 8


M3S90: 27


MC51B Vollmer: 44
CF-O5: 24
MP5A4: 24
MAC-11: 20


Sako 95: 42
AK47: 40
G3A3: 40
SG550: 40

G36C: 36
M16A2: 36
M14: 36
M4A1: 33


M60 E3: 56
M249: 50


M82A1: 70
SR25: 60
M24: 56

11 July 2010

Forums Notice


The forums will be locked tomorrow (July 12th) at approximately 6pm EST so that we can upgrade the forum software. Because we will also be migrating to a new server, and must back up several GB worth of milthread and hot chicks photos, it may take up to 4 days for the forums to be back online.

See you on the other side, FA:Sers!

Taken from FAS Forums. If you still need your FAS fix, you can visit the FAS IRC or Ventrilo channel.

03 July 2010

Movie Time

Cant wait for FAS? Here are four videos to tide you over until the 23rd.

AK47 Demonstration on PS_Crossfire

M249 and 1911 Demonstration on PS_Sand

M24 Demonstration on PS_Sand

M3 Demonstration on PS_Crossfire and SD_Dragovo

Vollmer Demonstration on PS_Snowstorm

FAS NEWS (3 JULY 2010)

FAS has an official release date, 23 July 2010! The game has changed considerably since it was first conceived July 2006. The game has moved away from Counter-Strike: Source Grid Cache File to a complete custom library of models and assets. Various FA features have been added in that weren't originally going to be included, such as prone and custom player models.

This is only the start of FAS, as the team says they will continue supporting FAS for years to come.

Those who would want to start a FAS server, the team will release the server builds in advanced.