22 August 2009

More Sand

Undertone has posted updated screen shots of ps_sand in his developer's journal. Expect for some minor detail for the interior parts of the map, undertone believes that ps_sand is "good to go."

FAS NEWS (22 AUG 2009)

FAS has released new media of the Stoner Rifle 25 and the M1911.

The SR25, donated to FAS by the defunct World at War team is a sniper rifle that has more mid range efficiency than the other sniper rifles due to its 10 round magazine size and semi-auto fire but can also be effective at long range with its high powered scope. While the the SR25 is not a new weapon, it has recently be reskined by DrHubbler to bring it up to the quality of the other weapons.

And yes, that is a suppressor on the rifle according to DrHubbler.

Like the SR25, the M1911 is another older weapon that has been reskinned by DrHubbler to bring it up to FAS quality. Modeled by Sid, the M1911 is a steal at only two credits and packs .45 APC rounds, giving it a bit more power over some more expensive pistols.

These weapon reskins serve a dual purpose: not only do the upgrade the visuals of the weapons, but they also optimize FAS's texture memory making the game more stable. Not only are weapon skins being optimized, but FAS's texture artist are going through FAS's materials directory to make sure everything is optimized.

19 August 2009


PC Gamer has a screen shot of FAS, submitted by StealthSilver showing off how Source default weapon origin is at the center of the model.

18 August 2009

Call To Arms

Quality of Life Issues

DysPatch has updated his developer's journal with news about the FAS homepage as well as the popular map, tc_iwojima.

The FAS homepage has undergone some minor updates with the removal of the 2008 stealth showcase video as well as the media update box in the side bar. In their place is a Facebook feed that allows you to to view updates on FAS's Facebook site that includes some screenshots and their Twitter feed.

DysPatch also talks about modifications of tc_iwojima: specifically the opening up of the two tunnels. Larger play test showed that the tunnels became spam inducing death traps, "sometimes resulting in a 4 person explosion." DysPatch hopes that the more open tunnels would promote more team work and lessen the effect of explosives. Rest assured however that the frantic action remains in tact with players always having line of site with the enemy.

Map Showcase - PS_sand

The classic choke point map returns to FAS with an actual theme instead of a linear corridor with no immersion. Undertone has posted some screen shots of the map in his developer journal, but Shinobi has posted some screen shots with the added detail that undertone's screen shots lack such as models and a 3D sky box.

Map Showcase - SD_mine

The TP classic reborn as a SD map on FAS, sd_mine is finished, baring any bugs or game play issues.

Map Showcase - TC_Greenstone

Formally tc_wtf, undertone has continued the work on this TC map that features game play akin to "king of the hill" with red team as the natural defender of a lone TC point with blue trying to take it; though undertone stated that this "is not forced."

Unlike a lot of other FAS maps, tc_greenstone is very open.

13 August 2009

Could You Spot It In A Parade?

You may have noticed that the Sako 95 doesn't exactly look like your standard Sako 95. This isn't due to lack of experinced modelers, but according to Naota it was, "a personal vendetta against generic weapons attempting to further their lack of aestheic appeal by completely knocking off their parent firearm." All changes with the Sako 95 are intentional and included:

-Aftermarket pistol grip
-Black Valmet plastic magazines (as opposed to olive/dried snot green)
-The blatantly AK-47-esque upper and lower hand guards of the Rk. 95 have been removed entirely, replaced with an adjustable vertical grip attached to a custom rail system.
-The front sight assembly at the end of the gas tube is that of the Sako Rk. 62, rather than the Rk. 95, and includes a bracket for a carry strap on the left side.
-The flash hider is the distinctive Sako Rk. 62/76 version which features a bayonet lug, rather than the fully cylindrical Rk. 95 version.
-Attachment mount plates can be found on the left side of the weapon.

FAS Interview

In case you missed it, FAS had an interview with half-life.net. While this was originally intended as a pod cast, technical issues resulted in it being an interview. The interview covers a variety of topics from the departure from using CSS content to what makes FAS, FAS They even talk about how near it is completion at the end of the interview.

You can find the complete interview, here.