22 August 2009

FAS NEWS (22 AUG 2009)

FAS has released new media of the Stoner Rifle 25 and the M1911.

The SR25, donated to FAS by the defunct World at War team is a sniper rifle that has more mid range efficiency than the other sniper rifles due to its 10 round magazine size and semi-auto fire but can also be effective at long range with its high powered scope. While the the SR25 is not a new weapon, it has recently be reskined by DrHubbler to bring it up to the quality of the other weapons.

And yes, that is a suppressor on the rifle according to DrHubbler.

Like the SR25, the M1911 is another older weapon that has been reskinned by DrHubbler to bring it up to FAS quality. Modeled by Sid, the M1911 is a steal at only two credits and packs .45 APC rounds, giving it a bit more power over some more expensive pistols.

These weapon reskins serve a dual purpose: not only do the upgrade the visuals of the weapons, but they also optimize FAS's texture memory making the game more stable. Not only are weapon skins being optimized, but FAS's texture artist are going through FAS's materials directory to make sure everything is optimized.

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