18 August 2009

Quality of Life Issues

DysPatch has updated his developer's journal with news about the FAS homepage as well as the popular map, tc_iwojima.

The FAS homepage has undergone some minor updates with the removal of the 2008 stealth showcase video as well as the media update box in the side bar. In their place is a Facebook feed that allows you to to view updates on FAS's Facebook site that includes some screenshots and their Twitter feed.

DysPatch also talks about modifications of tc_iwojima: specifically the opening up of the two tunnels. Larger play test showed that the tunnels became spam inducing death traps, "sometimes resulting in a 4 person explosion." DysPatch hopes that the more open tunnels would promote more team work and lessen the effect of explosives. Rest assured however that the frantic action remains in tact with players always having line of site with the enemy.

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