27 November 2009


DysPatch has released a couple of new screenshots of ps_snowblast in his developer's journal. In addition, he invites everyone to check FAS's twitter feed and his personal twitter feed for additional screenshots.

25 November 2009

Forest Reborn

Shinobi has been working on creating a convincing outdoor scene using the source engine for FAS. Currently he has been working blending the terrain as well as creating convincing tree models. You can view Shinobi's FAS work, as well as his other project as his game design blog.

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

StealthSilver has been updated his developer journal, showing his HMMWV model that will be used as a map prop. This is a work in progress.


FAS has released a video, showcasing the M14 as well as ps_sand and some screen shots of sd_mine. Not only do you see the effectiveness of the M14, but also the amount of people play testing FA, as well as some other features that are new for FAS.

As you can see near the end of the video, Lustymuffins increases his rank as show by the HUD indicator in the lower right. Also, there is a new cause of death symbol in the upper right which is hazmat symbol for explosives.

In addition, you may notice that there is a audible "moo" in parts of the video. This sound is a placeholder for the M79 which has yet to be replaced.

Finally, this updated also includes a few screenshots of sd_mine. The FAS Team also regretfully announces that not every feature they want included in FAS will make it into the first release candidate. They do say they will continue to patch, update, and support the mod for years to come.

22 October 2009

Red Barron

In a FAS Input Forum Thread, it was asked if FAS would have a similar jump mechanic to the HL version of Firearms where people were able to jump around and still and be able to fire effective. "The only penalties we have for jumping are a stamina decrease, and a slight disorientation of the screen similar to that of FA," DysPatch said. This goes along with other comments in the past about FAS having a more arcade like experience, not a tactical shooter.


FAS has material penetration - meaning you can shoot though some objects in the maps - according to DysPatch is this FAS Input Form Thread. The amount of damage though walls depends on many factors. According to DysPatch: "It is based on the material and thickness of the wall. If its a thin metal sheet, you bullets will pass through it with ease. If its a thick concrete/brick wall, it wont pass through."

Remakes Redone

DysPatch has updated his developers journal with a list of changes he has made to his maps - ps_snowstorm, tc_rubble and tc_iwojima - as well as

PS_Snowstorm (Most heavily modified of my maps):
- Added two rather large routes on either side of the middle capture point.
-- entrance/exit to middle
-- entrance/exit to center
-- exit to underground tunnel

-- entrance from sniper tower
- Elongated the middle to fit more players

- Moved last flag capture to the bunker left of the spawn exit

- Replaced old sniper tower for red with a new one that has more cover

- Added new right to the left of the sniper tower incase red is being pinned down at their spawn

- Added alternate spawn exit for blue to drop into the dark building incase blue is being pinned down at their spawn

- Added two new routes at the end of both tunnels in hopes to reduce spam

16 October 2009

Ninja Post

Shinobi has updated his blog with screen shots of ps_derailed and ps_crossfire.

Crossfire had a lot of extensive play testing and some of the narrow pathways have been expanded into more open rooms to help with flow. For example, "turning a long stretch of hallway into a garage so that there can be some width and crossover to the main route."

Derailed had a similar problem with bottle necking in some areas. These areas have been competently redone from one route to four routes. In addition, the whole blue side of the map has been opened up and the cap points have been reduced from five to three.

09 October 2009

Medical School

In a FAS Input Forum post, Oelund gave insight to the future of the medic skill. Oelund plans for future RCs plans to add first person animations when a medic treats a person.

"Like if you surture somebody you'll see your weapon holster, and a hemostat would appear, he'd then take a surture needle and wrap the thread around the hemostat backwards two times in preparation for a instrumental knot, and grap the needle with the hemostat. both would then holster and the weapon would reappear," he described. While this sounds like it would take a while and slow down gameplay, he says it would only take two to three seconds.

Oelund continues saying that treating people would still be instant on the target; also there would not just be one animation for every medic ability. Other animations would be, "opening a pack of quikclot for medic1 skills, unrolling a Samsplint for treating broken legs."

Pass the Ammo

In a FAS Input Forum post, Oelund commented about the possibility of a variety of ammo types in future versions of FAS. While it would be possible to have many ammo types such as Full Metal Jacket, Armor Piercing Steel Core, etc, it would not be beneficial to game play. The change in ammo types would make the differences between weapons less noticeable. If a weapon is coded for weaker damage compared to another and suddenly a player has the option to increase the damage by selecting a different ammo type, it would make one of the weapons redundant.

This is not to mean that no weapon would have different ammo types. Shotguns and grenade launchers, with their variety of specific shells, would provide unique ammo types as well as keeping balance. Also, some specific weapons that are available in different chambers, such as the Robinson Armament XCR, could be a candidate for multiple ammo types. This weapon would be an exception to the rule, as the entire upper part of the gun is changed out for the new caliber. In addition, the two types of rounds it can chamber - the 5.56mm and 6.8mm SPC - would be easy to balance, "6.8mm is more powerful, but magazine only hold 25 rounds (vs 30 in 5.56)."

This is still speculation and is a long way off. It a weapon like this ever does come, it would be with or after FAS implements its weapon-attachment system it has planned for future RCs.

Breaking the Mold

Don't expect every FA map to be remade for FAS. In thread in the FAS input forum, DysPatch commented that, "I have sorta promised myself I wouldn't make any more "remakes," primarily because they often don't play the same in Source, and they are a pain in the ass to balance." While many players would like older maps for nostalgia stake, trying to balance older maps while keeping them look like the original was to much work, according to DysPatch. In addition, all the resources to make a older map new could put to the creation of a new, better map.

Though, this is not to say that no more maps would be remade. The strongest candidate for a remake so far is obj_bocage as it has all ready been started by undertone.

Annual Alpha Tester Journal Updates

mg23, a recent addition to the FAS alpha testers, had posted a lengthy post in the FAS alpha tester's journal. mg23 is an FA veteran, playing since 2.4 and participating in many leagues in the infamous clan, [S^D] as well as playing a Firearms League (FAL) match in FA2's remake of ps_river. As such, he has came into testing FAS with many expectations: fast game play, benefit to the player who can aim, and benefit to the player who knows how the game is played.

With all this experience with various versions of Firearms, mg23 concludes that, "FA:S is a more polished and more fun game that is lead by a dedicated team of developers who are looking to make this game as it should be." The old maps remade to FAS are enjoyable, says mg23, but the newer maps are not overshadowed by the nostalgia of older maps, able to hold their own.

Weapons were a major concern for mg23 as well. "I'm a sniper at heart, but I've been a staunch advocate of rushing until reinforcements are depleted," said mg23. He believes that the weapons should all be useful for pushing forward and capturing objectives. If you enjoyed this type of game play as well, mg23 reports that this style of game play is prevent and any worries about weapon balance has been laid to rest. While he enjoys the M4 and Sako for their variety of use, he has been impressed greatly by the M24. "The M24 is... incredible. For the first time I feel like picking up a bolt action rifle in a Firearms game," he said. In addition, there is no scope sway in FAS - unlike later editions of Firearms on HL - making them able to take on ARs that are good at long range.

In summary, "FA:S is what Firearms should be: it's fast, great-looking, and a blast to play. It's also nearing completion, so it's something tenable for you folks. Those worried that league play is not getting its fair shake need not be worried. It's my belief that FA:S will have a lot to offer competitively, and I look forward to seeing how this fully develops."

More Sand

Understone has updated his developer's journal with some new screen shots of ps_sand. Currently, undertone has been working on HDR lighting and color for the map, as well as a few balance issues such as adding doors to the spawns to prevent spawn camping, as well as the adjustment of props and removal of some cover elements.

30 September 2009

Watch Out!

In a short developer's journal post, Hitman stated that you'll see more of what he has been working on, now that FAS is at a level of completeness.

I Hate Bob!

If you thought the weapon and movement bob in the recent FAS videos was to much, Hitman has some good news for you. "I believe there's a client-side cvar that can turn it off, or at least reduce it to whatever level you want," Hitman said on ModDB. FAS also has movement bob, but like weapon bob, it can be adjusted to a level you like, or turned off completely.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

As you may have noticed that there are no death animations in the recent FAS videos. Rest assured, they are planed for future RC, but would be to much work for the first release unless they wanted to push the game back farther, according to DysPatch on ModDB.

To The Limit!

When asked about the possibility of other bolt action sniper rifles in FAS, such as the SSG3000, Hitman said: Just because there's an M24 doesn't mean there can't or won't be any other bolt-actions. We're not limited to 32 weapons, and you shouldn't expect us to just stop at that point.

Hitman also stated that taking Firearms to the next level would mean a lot of guns.


Mirsky has uploaded a video on YouTube featuring the reload animation of the M24.

DysPatch has also said that he would like to see more of these videos, possibly as a show case reel of all FAS weapon reload animations along with sound.

TCP Updates

The Capture Point is being updated steadily. mp!1HP has shown a new screen shot of the site layout, admin tool for TCP, and has a temporary url as well. Be sure to check out mp!1HP's thread in the FAS Forums if you would like to help at all with its construction or help admin it after it's launch.

Until the site is fully up an operational, mp!1HP is offering to create forum signatures, logos or wallpapers in this thread in the FAS OTF Art Forum.

Video Junky

Hitman has stated that the videos from last Sunday's testing session may not be the only ones. "I'll be getting some more videos tomorrow," Hitman said.

These new videos will have better sound as well be in YouTube HD.

However, their may not be new videos at all: it's the FAS Team's decision if Hitman publish them and if Hitman is able to get enough good footage from the next testing session.

FAS NEWS (26 SEPT 2009)

The FAS team has released two videos of FAS with the arrival of the new batch of beta testers last Sunday. The new players are there to help test server stability, overall weapon balance and help find bugs before FAS's first release candidate. Since most of the work on FAS has most been bug fixing in the code and maps, instead of showing new renders and screen shots, the FAS team had recorded last Sunday's testing session and made some quick and dirty video clips of FAS as it stands now.

The first video is two minutes of Hitman with the MP5 and heavy armor in the tunnels and on the flag on tc_iwojima. Here you can see some of changes DysPatch has made to the tunnels of tc_iwojima to make it flow better, as well as the MP5 aim-point in action, the medic skill with its tool tip indicator showing who is bleeding and their health, and how the game plays in general.

The second video is a shot clip of tc_rubble showing off a brief clip of the M4 and M79 in action.

14 September 2009

The Capture Point

mp!1HP is relaunching the FA fan site, "The Capture Point" for FAS.

The Capture Point, according to mp!1HP is "a website where FAS players can download the mod, skins, models, maps, sprites, etc." In addition, TCP will also provide "free sigs, clantemplates for FAS clans, and so on."

mp!1HP is looking for some help with setting up the site. Specifically, anyone who, "can help update the site...like uploading files [or] updating news." Also anyone who wants to put forth any extra work and help with the actual design of the site, or provide some signatures and templates is also encouraged to do.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or just want to help, you can PM mp!1HP here, or visit his form thread.

02 September 2009

Iwo Jima

Little Big Models

Schmung has updated his developer's blog with information about the technical side of the design process as an artist for FAS. While there is a lot of big flashy stuff that makes the main page, such as his gorgeous M79 skin, other aspects of his work are not as appreciated. Prop models for example are necessary for FAS but don't attract as much attention as weapon models.

Prop models are models in maps such as the deuce and land rover. Much of Schmung's work lately has been with making level of detail models of many of these props. Level of Detail models are models that replace the more detailed models the farther you get away.

"The version you see up-close might be 7000 or so triangles," Schmung said but, "view it from a distance and what you are actually seeing is a model with 700 triangles." (Schmung made it a point that these numbers are made up to illustrate how LoD works.) This also applies to textures as well.

These level of detail models are for all models in FAS, not just models in maps. When you select a lower texture quality in a Source game, what you are doing is selecting the maximum level of detail of the textures. For example, "when you set your model and texture settings to low, typically you will only see the last LOD even if you are right next to it," DysPatch said.

Though while this system has obvious benefits for low end PCs, Naota points out that it isn't always a clear benefit. "We really could save a good 10-20% of our overall weapon texture footprint by doing away with these absurd view model mipmaps," Naota said. He continues with stating that his first person texture models do not have mipmaps because it saves a lot of disk space and it ensures that the texture will always look right.


Undertone's new map, tc_greentone is in beta and is reading for testing he wrote in his developer's blog.

22 August 2009

More Sand

Undertone has posted updated screen shots of ps_sand in his developer's journal. Expect for some minor detail for the interior parts of the map, undertone believes that ps_sand is "good to go."

FAS NEWS (22 AUG 2009)

FAS has released new media of the Stoner Rifle 25 and the M1911.

The SR25, donated to FAS by the defunct World at War team is a sniper rifle that has more mid range efficiency than the other sniper rifles due to its 10 round magazine size and semi-auto fire but can also be effective at long range with its high powered scope. While the the SR25 is not a new weapon, it has recently be reskined by DrHubbler to bring it up to the quality of the other weapons.

And yes, that is a suppressor on the rifle according to DrHubbler.

Like the SR25, the M1911 is another older weapon that has been reskinned by DrHubbler to bring it up to FAS quality. Modeled by Sid, the M1911 is a steal at only two credits and packs .45 APC rounds, giving it a bit more power over some more expensive pistols.

These weapon reskins serve a dual purpose: not only do the upgrade the visuals of the weapons, but they also optimize FAS's texture memory making the game more stable. Not only are weapon skins being optimized, but FAS's texture artist are going through FAS's materials directory to make sure everything is optimized.

19 August 2009


PC Gamer has a screen shot of FAS, submitted by StealthSilver showing off how Source default weapon origin is at the center of the model.

18 August 2009

Call To Arms

Quality of Life Issues

DysPatch has updated his developer's journal with news about the FAS homepage as well as the popular map, tc_iwojima.

The FAS homepage has undergone some minor updates with the removal of the 2008 stealth showcase video as well as the media update box in the side bar. In their place is a Facebook feed that allows you to to view updates on FAS's Facebook site that includes some screenshots and their Twitter feed.

DysPatch also talks about modifications of tc_iwojima: specifically the opening up of the two tunnels. Larger play test showed that the tunnels became spam inducing death traps, "sometimes resulting in a 4 person explosion." DysPatch hopes that the more open tunnels would promote more team work and lessen the effect of explosives. Rest assured however that the frantic action remains in tact with players always having line of site with the enemy.

Map Showcase - PS_sand

The classic choke point map returns to FAS with an actual theme instead of a linear corridor with no immersion. Undertone has posted some screen shots of the map in his developer journal, but Shinobi has posted some screen shots with the added detail that undertone's screen shots lack such as models and a 3D sky box.

Map Showcase - SD_mine

The TP classic reborn as a SD map on FAS, sd_mine is finished, baring any bugs or game play issues.

Map Showcase - TC_Greenstone

Formally tc_wtf, undertone has continued the work on this TC map that features game play akin to "king of the hill" with red team as the natural defender of a lone TC point with blue trying to take it; though undertone stated that this "is not forced."

Unlike a lot of other FAS maps, tc_greenstone is very open.

13 August 2009

Could You Spot It In A Parade?

You may have noticed that the Sako 95 doesn't exactly look like your standard Sako 95. This isn't due to lack of experinced modelers, but according to Naota it was, "a personal vendetta against generic weapons attempting to further their lack of aestheic appeal by completely knocking off their parent firearm." All changes with the Sako 95 are intentional and included:

-Aftermarket pistol grip
-Black Valmet plastic magazines (as opposed to olive/dried snot green)
-The blatantly AK-47-esque upper and lower hand guards of the Rk. 95 have been removed entirely, replaced with an adjustable vertical grip attached to a custom rail system.
-The front sight assembly at the end of the gas tube is that of the Sako Rk. 62, rather than the Rk. 95, and includes a bracket for a carry strap on the left side.
-The flash hider is the distinctive Sako Rk. 62/76 version which features a bayonet lug, rather than the fully cylindrical Rk. 95 version.
-Attachment mount plates can be found on the left side of the weapon.

FAS Interview

In case you missed it, FAS had an interview with half-life.net. While this was originally intended as a pod cast, technical issues resulted in it being an interview. The interview covers a variety of topics from the departure from using CSS content to what makes FAS, FAS They even talk about how near it is completion at the end of the interview.

You can find the complete interview, here.

31 July 2009

FAS NEWS (31 JULY 2009)

FAS has unveiled the blue player model; modeled by Schmung and textured by StealthSilver features a CADPAT camouflage so that the coloring and the style is completely different from the red player. The differences don't stop at the skin alone: the blue player model has it's own unique silhouette as well as unique helmet and non-helmet cover. FAS is a very fast paced shooter, and every second matters so the variation between the two teams is important.

Also shown with the blue player model is a candid shot of DysPatch's new map, ps_specter.

This news update also showcases the last weapon in the FAS arsenal, the Sako RK95. The Sako RK95, modeled and textured by Naota, is a rather bare bones assault rifle. While the RK95 has no special features and a bit on the more expensive side of other assault rifles, the RK95 benefits from higher damage, more accuracy and high ROF.

Lastly, on the more technical side, FAS now has all its own art assets. This means that all you need to play FAS is a copy of a Source game and no longer specifically need Counter-Strike: Source.

27 July 2009

Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion

DysPatch has revealed in his developer's journal about a new semi-secret new map, ps_specter. DysPatch has been working overtime on his new map - as well as removing CSS content from preexisting maps - which partly explains the lack of news updates.

Expect to see a screen shot of ps_specter in an August update, hopefully.

And no, there is no James Bond reference in the map...yet.

Tom Clancy's Work Time Fun

Undertone is working on a unamed FAS map, currently titled tc_wtf. The map is still in the design process, but he has posted some pictures in his developer's journal.

Stealth Tank

StealthSilver is all ready a great texture artist, but now he has also expanded into modeling as well. His first major project is the M1A2 Abrams tank which is displayed in his developer's journal.

The model is still undergoing some revisions but he encourages people to post and offer constructive criticism.

20 July 2009

FAS NEWS (20 JULY 2009)

FAS's newest media update features the long awaited M60E, textured by Wangchung and StealthSilver. This 17 credit machine gun is powerful and accurate with its bipod and ideal for providing fire support for your team.

Also showcased is the G36c. The G36C modeled by SiD, has been retextured by Dr.Hubbler. The G36, a steal at 11 credits, is great at close quarters due to its automatic fire and can hold it's ground at range thanks to its aimpoint and single shot capability.

Finally, as mentioned by wasited menkey in his Alpha Tester's Journal post, FAS announces "awards." Described by DsyPatch, awards are "earn[ed] in the game can be achieved every time you join a server or new map." These are not achievements that are with the Steamworks system Valve has and they are not saved after you complete them.

What is interesting about the awards is that they have a CTI award (capture the flag variant game mode) but no SD award, despite having no official CTI maps and a few SD maps. PFS though, states this is for future - possibly unannounced - maps.