25 November 2009


FAS has released a video, showcasing the M14 as well as ps_sand and some screen shots of sd_mine. Not only do you see the effectiveness of the M14, but also the amount of people play testing FA, as well as some other features that are new for FAS.

As you can see near the end of the video, Lustymuffins increases his rank as show by the HUD indicator in the lower right. Also, there is a new cause of death symbol in the upper right which is hazmat symbol for explosives.

In addition, you may notice that there is a audible "moo" in parts of the video. This sound is a placeholder for the M79 which has yet to be replaced.

Finally, this updated also includes a few screenshots of sd_mine. The FAS Team also regretfully announces that not every feature they want included in FAS will make it into the first release candidate. They do say they will continue to patch, update, and support the mod for years to come.

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