25 April 2009

FAS News (22 APRIL 2009)

FAS's biweekly update showcases tc_derailed by Shinobi. Previously a push map, tc_derailed has an emphasis on vertical game play. Snipers and machine gunners can climb on top of the roofs to secure tc_points, but a wrong step will send them falling to their death.

Rambo, a FAS Alpha tester is quoted saying "One of my favorite aspects of Derailed, is its diversity with open and close quarters. You can choose what type of combat you want to en gauge in." Despite being a new addition to the testing map cycle, it has quickly become a favorite due to its unique environments and fast paced game play.

DeShock has also posted some additional screen shots of tc_derailed in this forum post that show off the map's visuals in greater detail.

21 April 2009

Conversations with a Ninja

Grunt: Is Durandal cut for RC1? Hitman was somewhat vague in his dev blog post and the map is still on the maps page.

Shinobi: No

Grunt: Who is wangchung and what does he do?

Shinobi: Wangchung is a new texture artist.

Grunt: What is the hold up on the player models?

Shinobi: There isn't really a hold up, but it's a huge undertaking. We are doing everything from scratch. Many mods don't do that, they just model another character over an existing rig and use those animations.

Grunt: How complete are they? About 50%?

Shinobi: More that that, but it's hard to gauge. If you want a soundbite, I got the hitboxes and ragdolls done yesterday.

Grunt: Does Issa still contribute to FAS?

Shinobi: He has hard work, but he's still around even if you don't see him publicly.

Grunt: Do you see FAS being released before 2010?

Shinobi: Yeah, defiently. We have some art fallbacks if we fall too behind.

Hitman Takes Out Maps

Hitman has updated his developer's journal with information and pictures about cut FAS maps that won't be included with FAS in it's initial release. The maps include sd_durandal, ps_juarez, basic_training, tc_siege, cti_novospassky and tc_asylum.

The most shocking name on the list is sd_durandal, the de_dust/dust2 of Firearms. However, Hitman's description is vague as he starts with "The original Durandal was removed." In addition the map is still listed on the FAS maps page.

Also expect basic_training to be included at some point in FAS life as the only reason it will not be included initially is because some gameplay features are not yet complete yet.

Lastly, Hitman said "indicated to the team that these levels aren't to be included in the map packs." Hitman may rework these maps and release them as third party maps, but expects he won't need to due to third party mappers releasing their own maps.

Sniper, Credit to Team

DysPatch has edited ps_snowstorm, adding in a new area that benefits snipers as many FAS maps "lack sniper love." The area in question is above each team's exit into the main area of the map that includes the bunker.

When asked how these new areas are specific to snipers, DysPatch responded, "what specifically makes this a sniper area is the limited visibility and the restriction of movement." The windows overlooking the bunker area are very small, making it difficult to use them without the aid of a sniper scope.

To see more screen shots visit DysPatch's developers blog.

16 April 2009

Iwo Jima Evolution

DysPatch has updated his developers journal with rare pictures of an incomplete version of tc_iwojima.

DysPatch shows the evolution of the map, from a slightly modified remake, to a more realistic setting with black sand, then back to a more tropical feel.

You can visit his developers journal or personal portfolio for more information and pics.

10 April 2009

FAS News (8 APRIL 2008)

FAS has released some in game screen shots as well as announced a new hosting provider, Ultimate Game Server that provides servers for FAS testing along with Nuclear Fallout in their latest news update.

The in game screen shots show off ps_sand, tc_iwojima, sd_mine and ps_crossfire. The screenshots show more than just the maps and weapons, but the new additions to the in game HUD that was fist showed off in the 20 AUG 2008 news post. Besides team mates, the HUD now also shows the location of map objectives, ammo boxes, those with the leadership skill (as shown by the green chevron) and team mates who are bleeding.

SD_mine also shows custom icons for the sd_objectives, a tank and an airplane. It also appears that capture points are no longer instantly captured and have a progress bar similar to DoD and TF2 as shown by the screenshot on ps_crossfire. The flag from the second to the right, one team is capturing the point shown by the incomplete Red Team flag and blue section on it.

Progress of FAS has going well with constant bug fixing and weapon balancing. In addition, the work on animations have been going smoothly and hopefully a video will be coming out soon to show them off. Close scrutiny is also being payed to the map lineup to ensure that there are enough unique maps at release. Expect some map showcases in the next few updates.

Shinobi also invites FAS fans to join the newly created FAS Facebook site as well as the FAS channel IRC channel to ask the developers any questions you may have.

03 April 2009

Not Just For Stalkers

FAS has a Facebook page which you can join to show your support!

01 April 2009

FAS News (1 APRIL 2009)

FAS delayed news update features media of many in game models, as well as mock skills, Driver I/II, that allow players to use vehicles in maps.

The first model is the Bradley modeled by Sulsa and textured by Maggie.

M35 Deuce and a Half modeled and textured by Schmung.

Toyota modeled and textured by Sulsa.

Land Rover "Defender" modeled and textured by Schmung.

Finally is the comical "Armed Recon Bicycle" w/ Mounted Vollmer modeled by Schmung.