21 April 2009

Hitman Takes Out Maps

Hitman has updated his developer's journal with information and pictures about cut FAS maps that won't be included with FAS in it's initial release. The maps include sd_durandal, ps_juarez, basic_training, tc_siege, cti_novospassky and tc_asylum.

The most shocking name on the list is sd_durandal, the de_dust/dust2 of Firearms. However, Hitman's description is vague as he starts with "The original Durandal was removed." In addition the map is still listed on the FAS maps page.

Also expect basic_training to be included at some point in FAS life as the only reason it will not be included initially is because some gameplay features are not yet complete yet.

Lastly, Hitman said "indicated to the team that these levels aren't to be included in the map packs." Hitman may rework these maps and release them as third party maps, but expects he won't need to due to third party mappers releasing their own maps.

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