25 April 2009

FAS News (22 APRIL 2009)

FAS's biweekly update showcases tc_derailed by Shinobi. Previously a push map, tc_derailed has an emphasis on vertical game play. Snipers and machine gunners can climb on top of the roofs to secure tc_points, but a wrong step will send them falling to their death.

Rambo, a FAS Alpha tester is quoted saying "One of my favorite aspects of Derailed, is its diversity with open and close quarters. You can choose what type of combat you want to en gauge in." Despite being a new addition to the testing map cycle, it has quickly become a favorite due to its unique environments and fast paced game play.

DeShock has also posted some additional screen shots of tc_derailed in this forum post that show off the map's visuals in greater detail.

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