08 May 2009

FAS News (6 MAY 2009)

FAS's twice monthly update shows more in game screen shots, talks about game balance and directs players to the FAS Team's developers journals.

Alpha Testing has been progressing with bug squishing and game balancing. Shinobi, realistic about the first release for FAS, acknowledges there may be bugs, but the game will be stable so everyone can play. Much of the recent balancing has been with the machine guns, making sure that their high rate of fire and large belt sizes are appropriate for their cost. With FAS's credit system, balancing can easily be done by adjusting the credits for the weapon instead of actually chaining the weapon itself.

As shown earlier, DysPatch and Hitman have both updated their developers journals. DysPatch with new areas in ps_snowblast and Hitman with some beautiful cut maps.

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