10 April 2009

FAS News (8 APRIL 2008)

FAS has released some in game screen shots as well as announced a new hosting provider, Ultimate Game Server that provides servers for FAS testing along with Nuclear Fallout in their latest news update.

The in game screen shots show off ps_sand, tc_iwojima, sd_mine and ps_crossfire. The screenshots show more than just the maps and weapons, but the new additions to the in game HUD that was fist showed off in the 20 AUG 2008 news post. Besides team mates, the HUD now also shows the location of map objectives, ammo boxes, those with the leadership skill (as shown by the green chevron) and team mates who are bleeding.

SD_mine also shows custom icons for the sd_objectives, a tank and an airplane. It also appears that capture points are no longer instantly captured and have a progress bar similar to DoD and TF2 as shown by the screenshot on ps_crossfire. The flag from the second to the right, one team is capturing the point shown by the incomplete Red Team flag and blue section on it.

Progress of FAS has going well with constant bug fixing and weapon balancing. In addition, the work on animations have been going smoothly and hopefully a video will be coming out soon to show them off. Close scrutiny is also being payed to the map lineup to ensure that there are enough unique maps at release. Expect some map showcases in the next few updates.

Shinobi also invites FAS fans to join the newly created FAS Facebook site as well as the FAS channel IRC channel to ask the developers any questions you may have.

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Daniel said...

The green icon above the players head means that he can be healed.