21 April 2009

Conversations with a Ninja

Grunt: Is Durandal cut for RC1? Hitman was somewhat vague in his dev blog post and the map is still on the maps page.

Shinobi: No

Grunt: Who is wangchung and what does he do?

Shinobi: Wangchung is a new texture artist.

Grunt: What is the hold up on the player models?

Shinobi: There isn't really a hold up, but it's a huge undertaking. We are doing everything from scratch. Many mods don't do that, they just model another character over an existing rig and use those animations.

Grunt: How complete are they? About 50%?

Shinobi: More that that, but it's hard to gauge. If you want a soundbite, I got the hitboxes and ragdolls done yesterday.

Grunt: Does Issa still contribute to FAS?

Shinobi: He has hard work, but he's still around even if you don't see him publicly.

Grunt: Do you see FAS being released before 2010?

Shinobi: Yeah, defiently. We have some art fallbacks if we fall too behind.

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