22 October 2009

Remakes Redone

DysPatch has updated his developers journal with a list of changes he has made to his maps - ps_snowstorm, tc_rubble and tc_iwojima - as well as

PS_Snowstorm (Most heavily modified of my maps):
- Added two rather large routes on either side of the middle capture point.
-- entrance/exit to middle
-- entrance/exit to center
-- exit to underground tunnel

-- entrance from sniper tower
- Elongated the middle to fit more players

- Moved last flag capture to the bunker left of the spawn exit

- Replaced old sniper tower for red with a new one that has more cover

- Added new right to the left of the sniper tower incase red is being pinned down at their spawn

- Added alternate spawn exit for blue to drop into the dark building incase blue is being pinned down at their spawn

- Added two new routes at the end of both tunnels in hopes to reduce spam

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