09 October 2009

Annual Alpha Tester Journal Updates

mg23, a recent addition to the FAS alpha testers, had posted a lengthy post in the FAS alpha tester's journal. mg23 is an FA veteran, playing since 2.4 and participating in many leagues in the infamous clan, [S^D] as well as playing a Firearms League (FAL) match in FA2's remake of ps_river. As such, he has came into testing FAS with many expectations: fast game play, benefit to the player who can aim, and benefit to the player who knows how the game is played.

With all this experience with various versions of Firearms, mg23 concludes that, "FA:S is a more polished and more fun game that is lead by a dedicated team of developers who are looking to make this game as it should be." The old maps remade to FAS are enjoyable, says mg23, but the newer maps are not overshadowed by the nostalgia of older maps, able to hold their own.

Weapons were a major concern for mg23 as well. "I'm a sniper at heart, but I've been a staunch advocate of rushing until reinforcements are depleted," said mg23. He believes that the weapons should all be useful for pushing forward and capturing objectives. If you enjoyed this type of game play as well, mg23 reports that this style of game play is prevent and any worries about weapon balance has been laid to rest. While he enjoys the M4 and Sako for their variety of use, he has been impressed greatly by the M24. "The M24 is... incredible. For the first time I feel like picking up a bolt action rifle in a Firearms game," he said. In addition, there is no scope sway in FAS - unlike later editions of Firearms on HL - making them able to take on ARs that are good at long range.

In summary, "FA:S is what Firearms should be: it's fast, great-looking, and a blast to play. It's also nearing completion, so it's something tenable for you folks. Those worried that league play is not getting its fair shake need not be worried. It's my belief that FA:S will have a lot to offer competitively, and I look forward to seeing how this fully develops."

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