31 July 2009

FAS NEWS (31 JULY 2009)

FAS has unveiled the blue player model; modeled by Schmung and textured by StealthSilver features a CADPAT camouflage so that the coloring and the style is completely different from the red player. The differences don't stop at the skin alone: the blue player model has it's own unique silhouette as well as unique helmet and non-helmet cover. FAS is a very fast paced shooter, and every second matters so the variation between the two teams is important.

Also shown with the blue player model is a candid shot of DysPatch's new map, ps_specter.

This news update also showcases the last weapon in the FAS arsenal, the Sako RK95. The Sako RK95, modeled and textured by Naota, is a rather bare bones assault rifle. While the RK95 has no special features and a bit on the more expensive side of other assault rifles, the RK95 benefits from higher damage, more accuracy and high ROF.

Lastly, on the more technical side, FAS now has all its own art assets. This means that all you need to play FAS is a copy of a Source game and no longer specifically need Counter-Strike: Source.

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waisted menkey said...

Yeay dropping CS:S dependency!