02 July 2009

FAS NEWS (25 JUNE 2009)

FAS's 25 June update features player customization in the form of unique heads. Players are able to chose which head they want and accessories. In addition, players with NVG have the NVG monocle displayed on their helmet.

The M82 is also showcased with some amazing renders. The M82 modeled by Thisismyname09 and Schmung, and textured by Dr.Hubbler is the most expensive weapon in FAS's arsenal at 21 credits. With this high price, comes high power: the M82 is able to kill a person with light armor in one body shot, and leaving those with the higher armor classes almost dead. To help balance this power, the M82 can not be used while scoped and moving standing, but can crouched and prone. Furthermore, the M82 has a much lower ROF and greater recoil when the bipod isn't deployed.More information about the specifics can be found here.

Finally, ps_crossfire has undergone many improvements, most note ably the blue spawn.

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