02 July 2009

M82 Balance

While the M82 can draw criticism from some that is just a AWP/AWM from CS/CSS, one of the key differences is that while you can move and fire, you are most likely not able to hit anything according to StealthSilver.

Of course with the ease of making scripts for HL2 and related mods, one may be concerned that someone could easily make a script that stops the players movement before they fire, negating the movement penalty while still keeping mobility. Naota, however, explains this is not the case, "the physics for player movement in FAS include friction/intertia, so any script which instantly stops a player's movement input won't be able to scope in at the same time." He continues on, saying that even if you were able to compile a script that allowed quick scoping, the delay between each shot would be so great it would be more effective to use another weapon.

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