02 July 2009

Menkey Spills the Bananas

Waisted menkey has posted in the Alpha Testers Journal with many screen shots of testing the latest internal build of FAS. Most notable in the screen shots are of the scope mechanics for weapons with low powered scopes such as the MP5 and G36. Using the scopes on these weapons brings up the scope, but still allows you to to see the area around you as well. Scopes for dedicated sniper rifles, such as the M82 and SR25 are the full screen scope that most players of FPS are use to.

Also shown in one screen shot is a mini map in the HUD. The mini map displays the map topography, as well as near by team mates, your cone of view, medics (or possibly hospice flags), capture points and possibly mortar targets. Mortar targets however could have a map of their own for interaction, or the mini map could expand similar to DoD:S to allow players to interact with it.

In addition, this screen shot also shows the mortar's ammo count bar above your weapons ammo count. It is unable to be determined if this only appears for your mortar, is displayed if if you target the mortar and if you need the Artillery skill to see the ammo count.

Finally, there appears to be some type of medal system in FAS. What it is exactly has yet to be explained at all. Possibly achievements, possibly an in game system that awards players skills for other things besides killing.

In addition, there are screen shots of the blue model place holder. Also there are a few players wielding deadly bananas which are place holders for the new high quality world models.

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