20 July 2009

FAS NEWS (20 JULY 2009)

FAS's newest media update features the long awaited M60E, textured by Wangchung and StealthSilver. This 17 credit machine gun is powerful and accurate with its bipod and ideal for providing fire support for your team.

Also showcased is the G36c. The G36C modeled by SiD, has been retextured by Dr.Hubbler. The G36, a steal at 11 credits, is great at close quarters due to its automatic fire and can hold it's ground at range thanks to its aimpoint and single shot capability.

Finally, as mentioned by wasited menkey in his Alpha Tester's Journal post, FAS announces "awards." Described by DsyPatch, awards are "earn[ed] in the game can be achieved every time you join a server or new map." These are not achievements that are with the Steamworks system Valve has and they are not saved after you complete them.

What is interesting about the awards is that they have a CTI award (capture the flag variant game mode) but no SD award, despite having no official CTI maps and a few SD maps. PFS though, states this is for future - possibly unannounced - maps.

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