13 June 2008

Everything You Know is Wrong

In PorkFriedSquirl's thread in the FAS ATF, PFS mentions the use of the M84 Flashbang. This weapon however conflicts when official FAS weapon list on the main page. When this is brought up, U4 said "Hah. Yeah...about that...we've made quite a few changes from that list...most of them being additions. The only time we take a weapon out is when someone--usually a 3rd party--doesn't want us using their content anymore."

So the official weapon list on the main page is out of date. What other weapons could there be? Possibly a new knife as mentioned earlier. There is also a
thread in the FAS Input Forum that hints to the addition of a semi-auto sniper rifle in line with the SVD in FAS. DsyPatch said "Well, all he is saying is that it [the SVD] may not be in the first release, but we would like to include as many weapons as possible. But in the mean time, there is a similar sniper rifle in its place as of right now."

The M82 is not at all similar to the SVD and the M24 is a bolt action rifle, while the SVD is semi-auto. Perhaps the PSG1 is making a return, or the talked about WA2000 that was planed for FA 2.6? It's hard to say. DsyPatch could just be commenting on the usefulness of the current sniper rifles in FAS, but the way in which he said it points more to a separate sniper rifle than what is currently featured.

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