02 June 2008

New FA:S Team Member

FA:S welcomes TheUltra4sshole on to the FA:S Team. U4 is the teams military advisor, providing his military experience to help with the small details of weapons skins and animations for FA:S's arsenal.

Hitman said in a FA:S Forum post, "We're bringing him on board as both our official military adviser and PR representative. If you have questions about the game or wish to communicate with the team in any way, U4 will be your point of contact. He'll also be working with and organizing the testers to provide tester-based news and media content underneath the main-site updates we've been doing recently."

So not only will U4 be the military advisor, but also act as the official public relations representative; anyone who wishes to help or is currently helping with PR should now route all their work though U4. Hopefully, we'll see him in full force as the mod nears closer its release date with more media and insight into game play features.

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