27 June 2008

Roland Sings His Song

Hitman reveals some info in his Developer's Journal Developer's Journal .

The screenshots on the map page are mostly the final product for the initial RC. Layout, texturing and HDR is pretty much complete on those maps.

SD_durandal has been play tested as a push map, but its most likely that it will remain a SD map for the initial RC. Durandal has been in circulation since 2000 and has undergone numerous revisions, the most notable the change between 2.5 and 2.7 and its evening/night reincarnations.

Issa is still an active part of the FAS team, working on code - the man behind the curtain, so to speak. The specifics of his actual coding will be reserved for a future news post. Cross your fingers for parachutes!

The FAS web page has been recoded. It is now XHTML compliant, written entirely in notepad and has near perfect W3C compliance. Use Firefox 3.0 for the best experience, because it sure doesn't work well on IE.

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