01 June 2008

FA:S News (1 Jun 2008)

FA:S Team has released a new update showcasing the 92FS. The post details the mechanics of the pistol; a three credit weapon with a 15+1 magazine size. Additionally, the pistol can be suppressed. This is a slight change from the older versions of FA where the 92FS was either four credits and permanently suppressed, or required Stealth to attach the suppressor.

That is not to say that the stealth ability will not have any effect on the weapon. As speculated earlier, the stealth ability will play in the use of weapons that are suppressed. Kills while the pistol is suppressed and the player has the stealth ability will not show up in the "who killed who" area of the HUD.

When asked if this feature applies to other suppressed weapons as well as the knife, Hitman responds, "Yes. If you kill someone with a melee weapon or a silenced weapon, and you have stealth, the kill notice is "hidden". The person who died only sees that an enemy killed them (their name shows up as [stealth]), but they can't tell who it was. Nobody else on their team will see the message at all." (Source: http://forums.firearms-source.com/showpost.php?p=175003&postcount=7)

This is a huge upgrade to the stealth ability! Not only do stealth kills with the knife and suppressed weapons not show up on the enemy's HUD, but the player who you killed doesn't even know your name! It is also interesting to note Hitman says, "melee weapon" not specifically "the knife".

Hitman also says in the post, "we don't believe in tying weapons to abilities, as the divide between those concepts is what helps to separate Firearms from most other class-based shooters." So expect other weapons with secondary abilities to take this same approach.

The video accompanying the update shows some other aspects of FA:S besides the 92FS. Probably the most notable is the use of the night vision goggles. They seem to work well, but there appears to be a one second delay between turning them on and off. There is no mention if they come free with stealth, or cost credits. The video also shows use of the claymore and it works exactly as you would expect.

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