27 June 2008

Legend of the Hidden Temple

Waisted menkey is currently working on a temple map, currently titled ps_templecanyon for FAS. WM is an "official third party mapper" as well as an Alpha Tester. His earlier work, an alpine map which resembled sd_octoberfest was lost after a hard drive failure. The lost, unreleased map represents his second work and shows good technique for someone who has just really started mapping.

His newest work, ps_templecanyon, is in the very early development stage, but the current brush work is interesting, as well as the layout. WM doesn't talk much about the map, but the Aztech like temples would make it look well as a jungle map. Lush tropics with old temples full of Soviet area weapons and communications equipment would make a fun combat environment.

This type of map emphasize that FAS is very open ended when considering its theme. While the map features specific items that are static, how the players perceive the items change. Players can play it as counter terrorist fighting drug lords in South America, or French forces trying to route out a hostile force poised to attack French assets in Western Africa.

See more screen shots of wasited menkeys newest map in the FAS Mapping Forum FAS Mapping Forum.

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