24 June 2008

FA:S News (24 Jun 2008)

FAS has taken on two new team members. The first is U4, whom we all ready know, is the FAS Public Relations direction and military advisor. U4 has been working hard with the introduction of the FAS Alpha Tester's Journal where Alpha Testers post info and screen shots about the game.

In addition to U4, FAS has added a new modeler into their fold, Schmung. According to Hitman, Schmung is has all ready completed three models for FAS and is working on more. Schmung's joined the FAS Forums (and presumably the FAS Team) 1 April 2008, so has been averaging out a complete, game ready model every month; a very impressive time to turn out a model, especially with FAS's high standards.

In addition to U4 and Schmung, Hitman states, "we've also hired four new modelers and skinners to serve on our affiliated development crew. They've been hard at work replacing some of our older and less aesthetically pleasing weapons." Hitman goes on to state that these new models and skins will be shown in upcoming news post.

In addition to the new team members, four new screen shots of FAS maps are shown as well: sd_durandal, tc_asylum, tc_rubble, and sd_mine. These maps have been in production for a long time and the time and attention to detail put in them is amazing.

Hitman also invites everyone to check out the forums. Hitman specifically points to "Back In The Day" which is a nostalgia trip for FA Veterans and gives in site to new players of what Firearms, the game and community, was about. Hitman also points out "What Do You Expect?" that is a informal address to the FAS Team in what you want to get out of FAS.

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