05 June 2008

The Iron Curtain Starts to Fall

U4, FA:S newly appointed PR rep has opened a new forum within the FA:S Forums: The Alpha Tester's Journal . In the AT Forum, only testers are allowed to make threads, but anyone can reply.

U4 explains that this forum is to allow the Alpha Testers to talk about the game: how weapons behave, their likes/dislikes, skills they use ext. This is not to say they can talk about everything to their hearts content; U4 will screen each testers' post to ensure that it doesn't reveal to much. U4 states, "If you're wondering what "too much" might be, don't worry yourself about it." He goes on to explain that in the testing process, features are tweaked and/or cut. U4 doesn't believe it would be fair to reveal an incomplete feature or mechanic of FA:S, only for it to be cut or radically altered from its original state upon release.

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