29 September 2008

Race To The Finish

PFS has given light to FAS's release date in this stickied thread in the FAS Forums. In it, he states the standard "there is no official release date" and it will be released "when it's done." PFS dose go into a bit more detail by quoting AirWolf who said, "We have our own internal time-line and goals that we are working towards but it's better for us not to pressure ourselves with a public date and rush something not complete."

While some people are content with knowing the mod is being worked on and will be released at some point in time, others require some more information such as how much of the mod is actually done so they can estimate when the mod will be released.

In response to such a statement, PFS said "I even have an idea as to when (the mod will be released)." This statement holds more weight when combined with Hitman's interview by FA:CC1 when he says most of the work needed on the mod are models with animations and skins to go with them.

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