08 September 2008

FAS's Laundry List

Hitman has updated his developer's journal with more information about FAS. Hitman states that the coding for FAS is mostly complete and many features he has been working on the past few months have been implemented: flag icons displayed on the HUD, SD crates now give a destroyed notification like TC flags do for reinforcement drain, locations work, the radio system works, a new flexible UI, many bugs are fixed, and a massive memory buildup has been resolved which has improved stability and performance.

Even with all that done, there is still more work to do. Hitman and Maddog are working on new HUD art, trying to implement it for RC1. The FAS Team may present different renditions of the HUD and let the community decided how it should be implemented.

Hitman has also updated the ModDB site and as of writing this, FAS is number one!

Hitman has also included a new screen shot of sd_mine, which Hitman describes as "arguably our best looking map" by undertone.

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