05 September 2008

The Architect

Undertone has updated his developer journal with a lengthy post detailing the mapping projects he has done for Firearms: Sources, as well as the problems that he as a mapper faces when creating maps.

The first project undertone talks about is a tc_map named euphrates. undertone describes the map as a "massive, middle eastern, and massive. It was supposed to be set in a very urbanized city with a river running down the center with 3 bridges". He explains that due to the size of the map, the limits of the Source engine and the sheer amount of custom content needed for the map, it would never meet his expectations as a quality map.

Undertone also talks about his work on obj_bocage originally made by AlejandroDaJ for FA 2.6. While this map possibly could of been released with FAS RC 1.0, undertone said "this map is huge, and we don't really realize it." Undertone states the map's geometry is about 20-30% finished, but still requires a lot of custom models and textures before it can be considered for release.

Some smaller maps that undertone talks about are tc_york, ps_rose and tc_saprosa. TC_york is a small territory control map in the same vein as tc_iwojima. TC_york has been played by the FAS Alpha Testers, but the map has been dropped from testing because as Undertone describes it, "[tc_york] was simple and indoor iwo, with not enough room for me to make pretty." The major problem with the map was the layout wasn't planed out limiting the space needed to make the interiors interesting. PS_rose is a map modeled after actual locations in Toronto where undertone has been. PS_rose as undertone explains, "lacked direction or a good layout". Undertone also mentions a map based on real life events, tc_saprosa. "Saprosa was supposed to be a winter prison break, based off of the prison break in Afghanistan from the facility of the same name", undertone explained.

Some of the more interesting maps that undertone talks about are sg_onset and wm_thrill. SG_onset was a map based in a mall and offered a new game play mode. Undertone said, "we decided the theme of having the map in a mall didn't fit firearms all that much so I dropped it." Even though the map has been drooped undertone said, "I do plan on using [the new game play mode] again in the future." WM_thrill (possibility a map set in a theme park) was another map that offered a new game play mode, which undertone said was to ambitions for the first RC. As with sg_onset's game play mode undertone plans to revisit the game play mode in wm_thrill after the first release of FAS.

Undertone talks about his remake of ps_sand a very old FA map. PS_sand has been worked on for some time and should enter testing in the next few weeks. The FAS remake of ps_sand will only have slight differences in the layout. "If you remember the old map, then this one will feel nearly exactly the same" undertone said.

Lastly, undertone talks about an unnamed map which involves a lot of custom content from Naota. Also anyone who wishes to contribute is more than happy to.

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Nigel said...

Actually, i live in toronto, thats why i wanted to make a map based on the city.

i feel special seeing you write words about me :)