24 September 2008

FAS News (24 SEPT 2008)

FAS has unveiled a huge update 23 September 2008 with the unveiling of official sponsorship by NuclearFallout.net proving FAS with free voice server hosting for testing, as well as the addition of a classic weapon in Firearms arsenal, the Vollmer.

Skitz is behind this update along with the FAS PR Team. The Skitz and the FAS PR Team hopes to bring more exclusive interviews, screen shots, and information in the coming weeks and months to gaming websites such as FPS Banana and Planet Half-Life. Additionally Skitz is also helping with file hosting servers, ensuring that there are no bandwidth problems due for RC 1.0.

The Vollmer is a twelve credit, belt fed, and fifty round sub machine gun that fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds. The Vollmer was created by the talented Schmung whose previous works include the G3. Racer445 has again created the skin for the model and thisismyname09 has provided the animations which are still being worked on; the Vollemer's belt will animate being fed into the weapon, so you can see the last few bullets feed in from the empty magazine.

The FAS Team has also recapped the past four weapon updates:

The M16A2 is an 11 credit assault rifle limited to single shot and three round burst. Modeled by SiD, skinned by Stoke, and animated by thisismyname09, the M16A2 excels at mid to long range combat with its ability to score rapid head shots on single shot while still being lethal up close with three round burst.

The G3, modeled by Schumung and skinned by racer445 is another assault rifle, similar to the M16A2. The G3's is available in single shot and full auto however, its high caliber round makes full auto hard to control making single shot the fire mode of choice for long distances. The G3 is great for players with excellent aim, who like play "stand-off" and snipe without a scope.

The 92FS is a 9mm pistol, modeled by SiD, skinned by Stoke, and animated by thisismyname09 is FAS's only silenced pistol at the moment, but that will soon change. The silencer can be attached or removed with the alternate fire key. While you don't need the Stealth ability to use the silencer, having stealth makes kills with the 92FS not shown to the enemy team.

The OTs-33 is an automatic pistol modeled and skinned by Naota and animated by thisismyname09. The OTS-33 is chambered in 9x18mm and holds 18 rounds and slightly cheaper than the lower end machine guns, making it an excellent backup. This would make it more expensive than it was originally at four credits. The OTs-33's skin has also been updated since its unveiling two weeks ago.

The FAS credit system is also explained in more detail. Firearms gives players 30 credits to spend on weapons and equipment with no limits to the combinations other than the credit limit. FAS has over 36 guns, three types of body armor, as well as three type of armor add ons and many additional items such as grenades and explosives, which provide almost limitless possible combinations. Players can choose to pick traditional configurations such as medium armor, a helmet, Desert Eagle and assault rifle, or something unique such as light armor and a helmet and two assault rifles, or a half dozen pistols.

The FAS Team also has a new addition, Stealth Silver, a player model skinner and 2D artist. Stealth Silver has been working with the FAS Team since July and his addition to FAS will hopefully be unveiled in near future updates.

If you wish for more information, straight from the FAS Team, be sure to visit the FAS IRC channel, #firearms-source on GameSurge. The Team idles there often and will talk when available. Also be sure to check out Hitman's interview with Zero-Saber this Friday, 26 September.

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