15 September 2008

Input - Output

Maggie has commented to many suggestions purposed by Zero-Saber in the FAS Input Forum which reveal some more information about FAS, as well its direction past the initial release.

Zero-Saber had suggested many ideas, which include the addition or more melee weapons, reworking of some skills, medics and self bandaging, removal of the inability to fire some weapons while moving, as well as an attachment system modified by kills.

The first suggestion, maggie says that there is all ready a second melee weapon in game, which confirms past reports of the addition of a second melee weapon. AirWolf however dose say that, "Maggie hasn't been able to play for awhile so I would take that with a grain of salt." However, with so much information all ready about a melee weapon, AirWolf sounds more like he is trying to keep the suspense up than deny the existence of a second melee weapon.

Maggie's response to Zero-Saber's suggestion regarding skills doesn't reveal much, only that the skills are very different than how they were in previous versions of Firearms.

"Bandaging is instantaneous," is her response to making bandaging instant for medics. Every player is able to bandage instantly. This not saying though that you can bandage while firing, just that it isn't a long drawn out process.

One of the more annoying features of later RCs of Firearms was the inability to fire some weapons while moving, notably the machine guns as well as the M82. According to maggie, no action in FAS requires you to stay "perfectly still" to preform it and that FAS is "a fast paced game". This could be misleading, as walking or moving crouched is not "perfectly still" but still slow.

Finally, in response to an attachment system, maggie said "We have a planned attachment system that will not make it into RC1 but which we hope will be along not too long after the initial release. The system will not be skill-based."

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