01 January 2009

Year In Review

Hitman has updated his developer's journal with a look quick look back into the past of FAS but mostly focuses on an optimistic future of the mod. As always, information is sparse as not to work up hype for a feature that may be axed, but again he is hopeful that a news update will come up within two weeks.

In 2007, FAS was planed to be released by this time.
Hitman said, "It's been a tough year on FAS, with the lack of artists and lack of time among many of our team members." Much of the progress of FAS has been seen over the summer with many updates to the code and the hiring of the art team which has been working on the various art aspects of FAS.

Hitman hopes that FAS will be a "popular, well-accepted mod in the world of Half-Life" and have a large active community. To accomplish this task, the FAS Team plans for new content and patches quickly as possible; as fast as every month. Updates can range from a new weapon, map, model, or player skin.

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