20 January 2009

Not That Crazy

In Hitman's developers journal, he reveals why tc_asylum - a often talked about map - will not be included in the first RC of FAS. Hitman states "I enjoyed Asylum, but I think with a mostly-indoors, mostly-CQB map like that, you're going to find newcomers wandering around wondering where to go." He continues, stating that the upstairs of the hospital area was not well done and possibly could lead to balance issues (though in test, none came up).

Hitman thought about removing one of the three tc_points but came to the realization that it would make tc_asylum to much like tc_iwojima and tc_rubble; Hitman believed the small tc_map lineup was full enough.

Finally, the map didn't really have war theme.

Hitman plans to release the map with FAS though as a third party map and convert it to a Firearms themed L4D level when the L4D SDK is released.

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