11 January 2009

Media Forcast

Hitman has updated his developer journal with more news and information about some hardware problems, the continued work on FAS, and the scope of the next news post for FAS.

Hitman has had some serious hardware problems late 31 DEC 2009. However, he has quickly made up the time lost with a third revision of sd_durandal and more coding.

Likewise, everyone else on the team is working hard: Naota is almost done with the M24, Timn is working on the animations for the M79 and shotgun and mappers are continuing refining their maps.

The up coming news/media update won't be as large as previously announced. The upcoming update should feature a complete weapon list along with renders for each weapons. The rendering progress is slow as Schmung states, "this [render has] been going half an hour and it's only at 2.1%." Taking approximately 24 hours per render, the update could still be a couple of weeks away.

Hitman also says that, "we are planning on making such updates more regular now that we're hitting some of the internal milestones that we had set out late in 2008." So after this update, you may expect to the earlier update cycle of one update a month.

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