24 January 2009

Bot What About Bots?

At the Firearms: Source page on ModDB, Naota responds to a person asking about bot support in FAS.

Naota begins with, "Though there's no official bot support planned, nor can I at all guarantee that FAS will even support them if a third party takes an interest and programs them to use our mod-specific functions." He continues on stating that because the FA:S code is built from scratch, he is unsure how existing bot scrips for other HL2 games and mods would work with FAS.

Naota looks toward the community for bot support for FAS, but does state that the FAS Team may help if "anything not too extensive is needed mod-side to make such an endeavor possible".

He finishes with restating that there will be no bot support for RC1 and has not be planned for any future versions, with the caveat that most bots are third party endeavors.

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