17 January 2009

FAS News (17 JAN 2009)

The FAS Team have overhauled the FAS Homepage as well as giving insight into the progress of FAS and officially announcing ps_snowstorm.

PS_snowstorm by DysPatch is the spiritual successor of ps_sandblast, a FA map included with the retail release of Firearms in 2002. DysPatch has recreated the map with permission of Valve and updated it greatly for FAS changing it from "another boring desert map set in the Middle East...into a beautiful, war-ravaged winter landscape."

DsyPatch's remake is as action packed and fast as the previous, having only three capture points, while still having the option for sneaky players to flank the other team.

Media updates should also progress quicker now as they work toward FAS eventual release. The FAS Team still needs animators and skinners to help with the art aspects of the mod.

Lastly, if you have a FAS related fan site, you can get your link on the FAS homepage by e-mailing the FAS Team for instructions on how to do so.

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