28 May 2008

Stealth Improved

From a post in the FA:S Idea forum (http://forums.firearms-source.com/showthread.php?t=7003)

The original poster puts for the following idea:
The major problem with stealth, is that when you kill someone, it pops up "Player X killed Player Y with Weapon Z". There is no element of suprise. You can't sneak behind enemy lines, and start stabbing snipers, because an astute enemy will realize "there is someone back here killing people".

With that in mind, kills made by players with the stealth skill should have up to a 10sdelay on when the actual kill message is displayed. The length of time would be dependant on the weapon used. All normal weapons will have no dealy (stealth MG kills!); supressed ARs will have a 3s delay; the M24 a 4s delay; supressed SMGs a 5s delay; supressed M9 a 7s delay, and a stealth knife kill a 8s delay.

This allows a nice range of options for players wishing to be stealthy.

The immediate post after that, AirWolf said, "Part of what you suggest is already implemented."

And DysPatch said, "we should get grunt on the testing team so he stops making suggestions that ruin any sort of surprise for everyone else. lately everything he has suggested has been implemented in someway."

AirWolf and Dyspatch confirm that a section of the original poster's idea is in FA:S. No direction in to what specifically.The ps_forest video posted some time after this forum thread dose not reveal anything in regards to the OPs despite having a knife and a suppressed 92F kill in it. However, the delay/hiding of kill message may be only for the other team.

Guessing, I would have to day the kill delay for at least the knife is impliminted; possibly for suppressed weapons as well.

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