29 May 2008

Kill Stealer

As you can see from this cropped screenshot from the previous news update, FA:S currently has the kill assist feature introduced in TF2. When this screen shot was brought up in this thread in the General Discussion forum on FA:S (http://forums.firearms-source.com/showthread.php?t=7183) I ask, "The extent in what they play in the mod has not been addressed yet. The fact they are there, could mean little; prehapse it's just a pat on the back for people who deal almost all the damage, then someone else shoots the guy in the foot and gets the kill."

Shinobi replies with "out of all your speculations this one is the closest ."

So while they are incorporated as of now, what role they play has yet to be determined. If the skill system remains the same as in older versions of FA, it could pose a problem with people acquiring skills to fast. With skills every 10 kills, many people will have three to four skills early on; that is if kills and assist are grouped together as in TF2. However, based of Shinobi's reply, they could be a separate column, such as Kills/Assist/Deaths.

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