28 May 2008

FA:S News (24 May 2008)

FA:S is working hard, ever approaching the first release candidate. FA:S has also just Incorporated its 33rd weapon, making it have one of the biggest arsenals in any FPS. Maps and being tweaked based off large scale play testing. On the official FA:S website, only seven maps are listed, but the team ensures that many old favorites are being worked that have yet to be announced, or will be in future RCs.
The official screen shot page has also been updated. The most notable screen shots are of the M16A2 with an aim point attached on the carrying handle.

In a forum thread, Airwolf address this, "what you are looking at is a world model. Not all the world models accurately reflect what the gun will look like in first person mode. These are still a WIP and some are placeholder."
So at the moment, the M16A2 dose not have an aim point on it. The world model hasn't been finished yet. However, in the same thread Hitman said, "I'm surprised there's no discusson on the pros and cons of putting various optics on what we have implemented as a semi/burst only rifle, and possibly its cost. I can't say we on the dev team aren't talking about it... it's come up before."

So anything is possible. Not only for the M16A2, but any weapon.

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