28 May 2008

Player Customization

From a post in the Idea section in the FA:S Forums (http://forums.firearms-source.com/showthread.php?t=7114)

Near the end, Grunt suggest:

A better use for custom uniforms would be a unit patch system, where players can upload .png/.jpg/whatever images and it is displayed on thier uniform. Good for individualy. Good for clans (since they can all have the same patch). Good if you want to rake in some cash a-la NS (special patch for donators). Good if you're on the FA:S team (special team member patch).

To which thisismyname09 replies:

this man has been hacking into the seekret team forums. this is another idea we came up with that he's talked about. (although it's not been put in. [yet])

And which Hitman edited to "woot?" four days later.

thisismyname09 reveals that the idea has been talked about, and has most likely had a favorable response from the team. Also, "[yet]" would seem to indicate that it is being worked on or at least past that "thats a good idea" stage. This is strengthened by Hitman editing out his comment.

It seems there will be a good chance players will be able to upload a customizable patch for their player model in FA:S. If not for the first RC, possibly in a future release.

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