12 April 2010

Founding Fathers

Special thanks to the original FA team for inspiring 10 years of Firearms!

Project Leaders

Casper Milan Nielson (Syre)
Brian Fuller (Democritus)


Mike Weldon (FalloutBoy)
James Twohey (Judicator)
Gary Weis (Weis)


Ben Irwin (Ninja Monkey)
Christian Oelund (Gekko)
Ross Thelen (Toedip)
Mike Kopinski (TWIN48DCOE)
Ken Bentley (Real Man)
Jack Prince (Wonder Warthog)

Level Design

Eric Smith (Beserker)
Joel Gabel (Tiger)
Natalie Gabel
Paul Oakes (Oakesy)
Gary Lanza (Lanza)
Dominic Crompton (Users-Lag-Time)
Eugene Smozhevsky (-ED)

Graphics Artist

Tobias Dedenroth (Quakie)
Omni Trio (Omnir Trio)

Here is to 10 more years of "guns, and lots of them."

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