25 April 2010

FAS Testing Debrief (25 APRIL 2010)

The April 25th testing continuned testing the stability of FAS on the orange box engine, as well as enusring that the push and territorial control gameplay worked. Thankfully, most of the issues have been sorted out, however, there are still issues when a team reaches zero reinforcements and someone captures all the points. Futhermore, there are still some issues with the rag-doll physics. Lastly, some balance changes will be looked at such as increasing each team's reinforcements, as well as increasing the effectiveness of armor. The following are known issues that will be fixed for the next build:
  • Increase M24 Scope Accuracy
  • Decrease M82 No-Scope Accuracy
  • Decrease M79 Damage
  • Increase M67 Frag Damage
  • Increase Desert Eagle Recoil
  • Increase Reinforcement Threshold
  • Increase Armor Effectiveness
  • Recompile Ragdolls
  • Decrease Sako 95 Damage
  • Increase SR25 Movement Penalty
  • Fix Game rules on Map Full Capture
  • Fix grenade throw animation

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