19 April 2010

FAS Testing Debrief (18 APRIL 2010)

DysPatch will now post Testing Debriefings in the Beta Testing Journal. Testing Debriefings summarize the last testing session as well as list bug fixes and changes that will be made for the next round of testing.

The 18 April 2010 testing tested the stability of the game on Orange Box, which is progressing but not as stable as previous builds, with issues such as PS and TC points crashing the server. However, many bugs have been identified and will be fixed for the next round of testing, including:
  • Fix Armor Credit Cost
  • Decrease Wind Volume in Snowstorm
  • Optimize Snowstorm
  • Re-add Ammobox reload sound
  • Give More Magazines on Spawn
  • Decrease time between magazine pick at ammoboxes
  • Fix sprint speed, and movement speeds in general
  • Stabilize TC and PS capture points
  • Add weapon distance firing sounds
  • Ragdoll recompile (To fix seizures upon death)
  • M24 Animations

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