07 August 2010

Current 1.0e/1.1 Change Log

FAS 1.0e/1.1 looks to improve gameplay in a variety of ways. From tweaking armor and weapon values, to adjusting movement speeds, to possibly 8 new weapons, the next patch is looking great. Be sure to check this thread in the input forum for more updates.

Changes since 1.0d
- Speed modifiers for heavy and medium armor.
- You can select spectate from the team menu after spawning now.
- Fixed bug where you would be shown in the wrong team color when an enemy you hurt would commit suicide. This is now shown as an "assisted suicide" in the death notices.
- Teamkills no longer report an assister to avoid confusion with the assister being in the wrong team color. You are silently rewarded assist points.
- Improved assault rifle accuracy (usually 2-3x more accurate) - tweaked to 1024 unit range
- Improved SMG accuracy (about 1.5-2x more accurate) - tweaked to 512 unit range
- Improved pistol accuracy (to about the same degree as SMGs), lowered damage to compensate
- LMGs now have 0.25x the bullet cone while deployed
- M60 damage lowered
- SR-25 recoil increased
- Fixed inaccurate skill descriptions
- When healing yourself with the IFAK, it no longer reports the previous healing target
- Fixed tracer rounds on the Vollmer
- Armor damage mitigation modified to lower values. Light 0.4x, Medium 0.5x, Heavy 0.6x
- Different types of armor have different armor hit point values, rather than being 150 for all of them. Light has 100, heavy has 200, helmet has 100, limb armor has 75
- Added new damage sounds
- Run speed reduced to 210 from 230 (~9% slower)
- Sprint speed reduced to 325 from 340 (~4% slower)
- Changed strafe and backpedal speeds. Backwards: 0.6 from 0.8, Strafe: 0.7 from 0.8
- Removed delay between firemode toggle
- Added missing MenuOpen/MenuClose/MenuPulse HUD animations
- Resolved sniper weapon selection slot conflicts
- Delay between voice and radio messages
- Weapons start with full ammo on spawn (6 reserve mags rather than 4)

New weapons in 1.1
- Sterling
- Uzi
- Remington 870
- KS23
- Raging Bull

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