13 August 2010

1.0e/1.1 Change Log Updated

The 1.0e/1.1 Change Log has been updated. The following changes have been added since August 7th.

- Hopefully improved stability of Mortars
- Added a fas_version command
- Reworked the ammobox code a little bit to address the ammoboxes only giving ammo to the current weapon
- Made some tweaks to the lighting effects for the NVG's to help prevent model texture/material washout
- Addressed an area of potentially invalid memory in the round over HUD element which could cause a crash
- Reworked some VGUI panels (MOTD, team panel, loadout etc)
- Fixed hint panel showing a black box with no text in it
- Fixed case where holding down MOUSE2 would continue to play the idle animation when you aim down the sights (G36C)
- Holding down the attack, attack2 or reload key will no longer prevent a weapon from deploying
- Solved some visual glitches associated with bolt action (or pump action) weapons
- Disabled the ability to jump if your stamina is less than the amount of stamina drained for jump
- Slightly upped the stamina drain for jumping from 20 to 30
- Setting fas_endgametimer to -1 will remove the 0 rein timeout, waiting until all the players on the team are dead or a full cap is made
- Added fov_desired cvar which is used in Valve's official games which allows you to adjust your FOV between 75 and 90. Defaults to 90
- You can no longer climb a ladder while prone or ducked
- Burst fire queues bullets to fire, so 1 click = 3 bullets (with M16/FAMAS), rather than having to hold it down
- mp_switchteams is now fully operational and will flip the teams when a server admin issues the command
- Ability to restrict weapons per-server through a weapons blacklist
- Shotgun reload cancelling waits until you have released the mouse button
- View punches for recoil are now applied to spectators
- Firemode recoil modifiers are fully operational
- Marksman skill increases accuracy in 10% increments rather than 5% (5->10, 10->20, 15->30)

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