28 August 2010

1.0e/1.1 Updated Changelog 3

The FAS 1.0e/1.1 Change Log has been updated. The following changes have been added since August 17th.

- Added 4-directional hit indicators, in addition to the red fade
- Ammo caches will replace partial magazines
- Fix for ragdoll spam on initial spawn which would lag out players
- Re-compressed textures which should help users running on low end machines
- SG550 and FAMAS have been re-animated
- Specular maps added to weapon view models
- Fixed channels and attenuation of some sounds, fixes some issues where you can't hear the gun you're being shot by
- Fixed potential crashes with quick bandaging
- Kill icon for suicide
- Fixed ERRORNAME appearing when destroying SD objectives
- Fixed bug with animations and reloading when going prone with internal magazine weapons (M3)
- Fixed the appearance of an IFAK floating next to a player when a player has been put in spectator
- Weapons can fire underwater
- Added cvar fas_switch_teams_on_rwin which flips the teams and rein count between rounds
- Gunnery II now improves holster/deploy times as the label describes

New for mappers in 1.0e
- PointsForDestroy keyvalue on sd crates to give players points for destroying the objective

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