15 June 2009


When asked about the list of maps on the FAS homepage, Hitman confirmed that the list present is indeed accurate (to the best of his knowledge). Hitman is unsure on the status of sd_durandal as he is reworking the map so that the "entire map...looks more realistic and uses far less CSS content."

Content that he showed the team has been met with acclaim, but don't expect for you to see it soon as most of Hitman's contribution to the mod is with code at the moment.

However, Shinobi decides what maps will make it in for the release, not Hitman and as it stands now, sd_durandal is in.

It is also important to note that DysPatch is currently the only dedicated mapper on FAS now that AirWolf is gone, undertone is inactive, Shinobi is focusing on artwork and team leadership and Hitman coding. So if you like any FAS map at release, be sure to thank the one man mapper, DysPatch.

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