07 June 2009

FAS NEWS (7 JUNE 2009)

FAS has released screen shots of the new red player model. This model was created by Schmung, while Shinobi weighted it to Christian's animations and StealthSilver. The new animations no only include the basics of running, shooting, reloading, ext, but also prone. All animations are unique to to FAS and nothing is taken from Valve.

In addition to player models, new high quality world models of the weapons has been compiled. These world models feature the ablity for the magazine to be detached while reloading. All reloading sequences and most animations in general have been done by previous FA modeling veteran and military expert Christian Oelud with input from the FAS military adviser TheUltra4sshole.

Not only have models undergone improvements, but maps have as well. TC_rubble has been revised with a more interesting sky box, custom textures and better geometry. As mentioned earlier, a new TC point has been added to balance the map to improve the flow.

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