30 March 2009

Mystery and Intrigue

AirWolf, creator of ps_forest, is no longer a member of the FAS Team in any capacity: his name is off the team list, screen shots and videos of ps_forest are no longer on the FAS site or FAS's ModDB site and his developer's journal no longer exist. However, the designs he created (at least the ones featured on his developers blog) for the FAS flags are still being used in media screen shots which can be found on the flags in ps_snowstorm.

When asked about his absence, the only response by a team member is that "he is no longer on the team. That is all anyone outside of development needs to know about it." While the curt response would make it seem as if there was some trouble.

"Let it be said that you never want to join a mod unless you can take criticism. Yeah, sometimes you'd like to say, screw you I know what I want and other times, after you sit back and think about it for a while, you realize they might be right," Airwolf said in his last developer's journal post. The rest of the post though has no other indication of discourse, commenting on the creation of a new map, as well as new menu that was conceptualized when FAS was still named Incursion.

With no statement from Airwolf or the FAS Team, there is no way to know what has happened. Airwolf could of left on his own reasons, not having time to work on FAS due to personal or financial reasons; or he could of made an artistic stand on ps_forest that wouldn't have worked well for FAS high standard of gameplay and visual quality.

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